What Does The Marine Corps Medal Of Honor Look Like?

What does the USMC Medal of Honor look like?

The Navy Medal of Honor is made of bronze, suspended by an anchor from a bright blue ribbon, and is worn about the neck. The ribbon is spangled with a cluster of 13 white stars representing the original States. Each ray of the five pointed star contains sprays of laurel and oak and is tipped with a trefoil.

What are 3 different designs of the Medal of Honor?

There are three different types of Medal of Honor today: the original star shape established in 1861, which the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard have retained; a wreath version designed in 1904 for the Army; and an altered wreath version for the Air Force, adopted in 1965.

Has anyone won 2 medals of honor?

To date, the maximum number of Medals of Honor earned by any service member has been two. The last living individual to be awarded two Medals of Honor was John J. Kelly 3 Oct 1918; the last individual to receive two Medals of Honor for two different actions was Smedley Butler, in 1914 and 1915.

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How many living Marines have the Medal of Honor?

Today, there are 103 living recipients of the Medal of Honor.

How much money does a Medal of Honor recipient receive?

Medal of Honor recipients receive the following privileges and special benefits: A Special Medal of Honor pension of $1,406.73 per month above and beyond any military pensions or other benefits for which they may be eligible.

What is a Marines most valuable asset?

Recognizing and utilizing to the fullest extent our most important asset: THE INDIVIDUAL MARINE. Leadership OBJECTIVE. Develop the leadership qualities of Marines, enabling them to assume progressively greater responsibilities in the MC. Leadership qualities include: Technical proficiency.

Has a woman ever received the Medal of Honor?

An American feminist, suffragist, suspected spy, prisoner of war and surgeon, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker remains the only women ever to receive the Medal of Honor, which she was awarded for her service during the Civil War. The practice failed, ostensibly because the public would not accept a female doctor.

Do you salute Medal of Honor recipients?

There is a military tradition that dictates all uniformed members of the service render a salute to Medal of Honor awardees regardless of rank; this is one of the unique customs and courtesies associated with the medal.

How many Green Berets have won the Medal of Honor?

Army soldiers received the most medals of honor with 161, followed by the Marines with 57, 16 went to the Navy, and 14 to the Air Force. Of the 161 medals of honor awarded to the Army, 21 went to Special Forces, the Green Berets, representing over 13 percent of all medals of honor awarded.

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Do Medal of Honor recipients pay taxes?

Medal of Honor recipients are invited to every presidential inaugural ball and they never pay federal income tax again.

Who was the youngest person to receive the Medal of Honor?

The youngest person ever to receive the Medal of Honor was probably William “Willie” Johnston, who earned the Medal during the Civil War just prior to his 12th birthday and received his award 6 weeks after his 13th.

What is the highest honor in the Marines?

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for bravery that can be given to any individual in the United States. In judging men for receipt of the medal, each service has established its own regulations.

Who decides who gets the Medal of Honor?

It is awarded by the President in the name of Congress. For this reason, it is often referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honor. Since it was first presented in 1863, the medal has been awarded 3,512 times to 3,493 recipients. Nineteen individuals have been double recipients of the award.

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