Readers ask: Is Marine Corps Pronounced Core?

Why is the Marine corps pronounced core?

There is a word corps, which derives from the French word for body and is pronounced like the English word core. ‘ should most definitely have a ‘p’ sound at the end, as it refers to the word corporation and not the word corps.

Is the P silent in Marine corps?

Marine corps, press corps”) which is pronounced with a silent p (that word comes from an old French word).

Why is corps spelled like that?

‘Corps’ also has a plural form, which is spelled exactly the same way, but pronounced differently. Corps is a word that was borrowed into English from French, where corps means “body”—both literally (that is, anatomically) and figuratively (that is, to refer to a large group of people).

Is it Marine Corps or Marine Core?

Corps refers to a group, such as the Marine Corps. Its spelling does not change in the singular or plural, but it is pronounced KOR when singular and KORZ when plural. Core can be a noun, verb, or adjective, but usually refers to the center or most important part of something.

Why is the P not pronounced in corp?

Indeed, “corps” and “corp.” are related—both are derived from the Latin word “corpus.” “Corps” comes directly from the French word for body and thus the “p” is silent.

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Do you pronounce the P in LabCorp?

Technically, the “p” in LabCorp should be pronounced, because “Corp” is an abbreviation of “Corporation,” he concedes. However, King and many others pronounce the name with a silent “p,” as in “LabCore.”

Do you pronounce the s in Corps?

The French pronunciation “korr” (or slightly Anglicised to “kohr” or even “kore”) is thus the historically correct pronunciation. Pronouncing it in any way ending with an “s” is not advisable. It certainly won’t give others the impression that you’re educated.

What is the possessive of Marine Corps?

Technically, the word corps is singular. You could therefore make an argument for the use of the regular possessive form: the Marine Corps’s secret.

How do you pluralize Corps?

The plural form of corps is also corps.

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