Readers ask: How To Lace Marine Corps Dress Shoes?

How do you lace up OCP boots?

Your Tactical Boots

  1. Grab a pair of long shoelaces.
  2. Start at one boot’s bottommost eyelets.
  3. Run a lace straight across the inside of the bottom row of eyelets, pulling the ends evenly upward on each side.
  4. Gently pull the end of each lace to the vertical eyelet directly above it, and push in each end.

What is bar lacing?

Straight bar lacing is often refereed to as Lydiard Lacing or Fashion lacing. This form of lacing provides a clean lacing look widely and removes the underlying diagonals of shoelaces found with alternative shoelace methods.

What is the difference between an Oxford and a brogue?

An Oxford is a shoe that features a closed-lacing system on the shoe, resulting in a tighter shoe and more formal appearance. Brogues refer to the decorative perforations along the toe-cap, sides, or upper length of a shoe, which give a visually impressive appearance to a shoe, and can be found on Oxfords.

What are boot bands used for?

Blousing garters are often used by military personnel. In the military pant legs are generally bloused, that’s to say, the cuffs of the pants are rolled inside and tightened over boots with a spring or elastic band. These straps that allow you to blouse your pants are also known as boot bands or boot blousers.

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