Readers ask: Can Commendant Of Marine Corps Reccommend Bcnr Changes?

How do I submit a BCNR?


  1. DSN Fax: 703-604-3437 / DSN 664-3437 (Attn: BCNR Applications)
  2. BCNR Contact Number: 703-604-6884 / DSN 664-6884.

How long does a BCNR take?

When BCNR determines relief is required, it directs the responsible office to make the necessary change(s) to the records. Depending on the offices involved, these actions can take 3-4 months to complete after a BCNR decision is published.

What is Navy BCNR?

Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) is the highest level of administrative review within the Department of the Navy. Our mission is to correct errors and remove injustices from Naval records.

Does commandant of the Marine Corps report to the chief of naval operations?

A member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he is responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for the command of naval forces and is the principal naval adviser to the president. Commandant of the Marine Corps: The CMC reports to the Sectary of the Navy and is the top uniformed member of the Marine Corps.

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What is a DD 215?

What Is DD Form 215? DD Form 215, Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty is a supplement to the DD Form 214 with any corrections that had been requested by a veteran and approved by a review board.

How do I check the status of my discharge upgrade?

This tool can be found on at:

Is a general discharge bad?

A general discharge under honorable conditions means that your service was satisfactory, but did not deserve the highest level of discharge for performance and conduct. Many veterans with this type of discharge may have engaged in minor misconduct.

What is a DD 149?


What is a DD Form 293?

DD Form 293 – Application for Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces. Department of Defense Form 293 is used to request an upgrade of a military discharge from the appropriate discharge review board. You can access a fillable PDF version of the form here.

What is slating in the Navy?

What is Slating? When an entire rating is complete at a board and the panel arranges candidates from top to bottom. For each Chief Petty Officer selection board, the maximum quota for each rating and the number of selection possibilities for each panel are established by what authority? Chief of Naval Personnel.

Which of the following is the approval authority for AC to FTS conversion?

BUPERS-352 is the approval authority for all AC to FTS conversion and SELRES recall to FTS applications.

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Which personnel identifies jobs for advertisement in the Career Management System Interactive Detailing?

Which personnel identifies jobs for advertisement in the Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID)? Manning Control Authorities.

Who is the highest ranked Marine?

The Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) is normally the highest ranking officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Who was the greatest admiral?

Yi Sun-sin: history’s greatest admiral. When we think of great naval commanders, we immediately think of Horatio Nelson. He fought 13 battles, winning eight.

What’s the highest marine rank?

COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS – the highest-ranking Marine Officer, also a four-star general, serves on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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