Quick Answer: Is There A Starfleet Marine Corps In Canon?

Does Starfleet have a Marine Corps?

The Starfleet Marine Corps, or simply the Starfleet Marines, are the infantry forces of the Federation’s Starfleet. Unlike the rest of Starfleet’s service personnel, who used a naval ranking structure, the Marines use a rank structure based on equivalents of Earth infantry-based militaries, such as the MACOs.

Does Starfleet have a military?

Within this fictional universe, Starfleet is a uniformed space force maintained by the United Federation of Planets (“the Federation”) as the principal means for conducting deep space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy (although Starfleet predates the Federation, having originally been an Earth

What does marines do?

The Marines’ mission is unique among the services. Marines serve on U.S. Navy ships, protect naval bases, guard U.S. embassies and provide an ever-ready quick strike force to protect U.S. interests anywhere in the world.

Does Starfleet have ground forces?

The Starfleet Ground Forces is the branch of Starfleet concerned with ground based combat.

How do you become a member of Starfleet Academy?

Admission is open to any Federation citizen, or non-citizens by sponsorship of a Starfleet command-level officer; minimum entry age for humans is 16.

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What is the Starfleet motto?

The Latin phrase on the pre-Federation Starfleet seal is ” Ad Astra Per Aspera” (which translates roughly as “to the stars through hardships”). It is a modified version of the NASA motto “Per Aspera Ad Astra” (“through hardships to the stars”). 3

What does USS stand for in Star Trek?

Starship USS Enterprise, serial number NCC-1701, of the United Federation of Planets, has captivated audiences since the debut of “Star Trek” on television in 1966.

What is the highest rank in Starfleet?

Highest normal military rank in Starfleet.

  • Ranking: O-12 A Fleet Admiral wears four solid gold pips encased in a gold box on the collar.
  • Addressed as: “Admiral”, introduced as “Fleet Admiral”.
  • Fleet Role: Head of Starfleet divisions.

Why is a Marine not a soldier?

Why is a Marine not a soldier? A Marine is not a soldier because of a semantic decision made by the US military, similar to how a member of the Navy is a sailor or an airman in the Air Force. Marines are distinguished by their esprit de corps, traditions, specialized training, and mission.

What GPA do you need to join the Marines?

Pass the ASVAB, with an EL score of 115 or better; or have an SAT score of 1000 or better; or have an ACT of 45 (math+english). Pass a physical examination. Pass, and be competitive, a rigorous Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Be a full time student with better than a 2.0 GPA.

What is a Marines salary?

As of 2020, the basic Marine active-duty pay for Private First Class (E-2) Marines is $1,942.50 per month or $23,310 per year. The basic Marine active-duty pay for a Private First Class (E-2) ranking does not vary based on your number of years of service.

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Is the federation military?

1 – Starfleet is a primary method by which the Federation meets, greets, and eventually invites new members in. Hence it is expansionist. 2 – Starfleet is an important part of how the Federation conducts war. Hence, it is military.

Is Starfleet a navy?

Starfleet is Starfleet. It borrows nautical terminology and naval ranks for organizational purposes, but it’s not a Navy.

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