Quick Answer: How Stressful Is Marine Corps Ocs?

How difficult is Marine OCS?

How Hard Is Marine OCS? Marine OCS is one of the most difficult officer training programs out there. It requires you to be physically and mentally tough while running on little sleep. One former Adjutant described the attrition rate for women at 50% and men around 25%, stating that it was, “pretty hard.”

Is USMC OCS harder than boot camp?

It was tougher than boot camp physically probably not mentally. The final event at OCS was a killer.

What is the attrition rate at Marine OCS?

OCS is a 10-week course that will prepare the future leaders of the Marine Corps and evaluate them on academics, leadership, and physical fitness prior to their commission. Historically, OCS has a 20-25% attrition rate, according to Capt.

Is OCS harder than basic training?

Is Army OCS Physically harder than basic training? Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) is more challenging compared to Basic Combat Training (BCT). While both training courses push you to the limits in terms of physical fitness, there is more stress on leadership qualities at OCS.

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Do you get paid during Marine OCS?

Candidates are paid at the pay grade of E-5 (Sergeant pay grade), “or the highest pay grade achieved if” entering… “directly from current service at a pay grade above E-5.” This means you will be paid at least as an E-5, but current Marines will not get a pay cut.

Do you get your phone at Marine OCS?

Candidates will not have access to cell phones or pay phones except on weekend liberty or for verified emergencies. Prior to being paid while at OCS, each candidate will also be required to purchase other items that they will need throughout the training cycle.

Do you get weekends off at Marine OCS?

Do you get any time off during OCS? You will have MOST weekends or parts of them off. When you are released for the weekend you must be back by 2100 Sunday, lights out is 2200. Same goes for during the week.

Is OCS harder?

Is OCS harder than basic? Both the physical and mental aspects of OCS are tough. As someone who has been to OCS (didn’t graduate due to bad knees) I can tell you that OCS is 10x the physical aspect of Basic Training, plus you have classroom lectures and tests that you must pass to graduate.

How intense is OCS?

OCS hopefuls are challenged from day one physically, mentally and emotionally. Prospective officer candidates can expect early mornings, late nights and a lot of hard work. As the physical and mental exhaustion sets in, OCS transitions from a school to a course; a means to assess the candidate’s character.

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How do I succeed at Marine OCS?

Have a clear, personal, and extremely motivating reason for why you are becoming one of the few men and women who LEAD Marines. Doesn’t matter if you write it down and read it out loud, memorize it, tattoo it on your stomach (tell your OSO), just remember it; and let it drive you.

What rank is an OCS candidate?

OCS candidates are administratively promoted to the rank of Sergeant (E-5) while attending OCS. OCS candidates that are administratively eliminated or medically disqualified from OCS will be reduced in grade as determined by the Commandant, OCS.

How long is the Basic School for Marine officers?

The Officer Basic Course currently lasts 28 weeks, during which new officers receive classroom, field, and practical application training on weapons, tactics, leadership and protocol. The course is split into three graded categories; Leadership, Academics, and Military Skills.

How much do you run at OCS?

While at OCS, you will be running 6 days a week. Starting and maintaining a run program prior to your attending OCS will be essential to your success. In order to ship to OCS the candidate needs to have a run time below twenty-four minutes. This is the slowest acceptable time and represents the minimum standard.

How do I prepare for OCS?

It is highly recommended that you achieve 15 miles per week (hike miles can be included) to give you a solid chance of success. Most of the PT undertaken at OCS concentrates on body-weight exercises, such as Push-Ups and Pull-Ups, meaning one has no excuse to not be prepared for this type of PT.

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Are there drill sergeants at OCS?

At Officer Candidates School (OCS), candidates are instructed by Drill Instructors who have already served a tour at one of the Recruit Depots. The OCS Platoon sergeant is comparable to the Senior Drill Instructor in an enlisted recruit platoon.

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