Question: How To Do A Marine Corps About Face?

What is the command about face?

About face The command is “About, face.” On the command “Face,” lift the right foot from the hip just enough to clear the ground. While naturally bending the knees, place the ball of the right foot approximately half a shoe length behind and slightly to the left of the heel.

What are the 5 facing movements?

Drill & Ceremonies – Facing Movements

  • Facing Movements. Execute facing movements from a halt, at the position of attention, and in the cadence of quick time.
  • Right (Left) Face. The commands are Right (Left), FACE.
  • About Face. The command is About, FACE.
  • Half Right (Left) Face.

What are the 5 types of command in a drill?

Individual Drill – Commands

  • Individual Drill.
  • Marching Basics.
  • Rest Positions.
  • Parade Rest.
  • At Ease.
  • Rest.
  • Fall Out.
  • Resuming Attention from Rests.

What are facing movements?

Facing to the flank is a two-count movement for turning to one side or the other. The command is “Left, face” or “Right, face.” The Figure below illustrates “left face.” On the command of execution, “Face,” slightly raise yourself 90 degrees to the left on your left heel.

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What are the 3 facing movements?

Facing Movements

  • Standing up straight.
  • Arms at the side.
  • Heels together, toes apart.
  • Looking straight ahead.
  • Remaining quiet.

What position must you be at to call commands?

He or she must remain standing with his or her right foot in place. “At ease” may be executed from this position. Face to the Flank: Facing to the flank is a two-count movement for turning to one side or the other. The command is “Left, face” or “Right, face”.

How do I turn?

Is “about turn” performed from the right or the left? About turn/About face is performed by placing the right foot behind the left foot, then pivoting clockwise until they are faced in the opposite direction, with feet at 45 degree angles.

What foot do you call commands on?

For single formations, the preparatory command is given normally as the heel of the left (or right) foot strikes the ground, and the command of execution is given when the heel of the left (right) foot next strikes the ground.

What are the 11 combatant commands?

Combatant Commands

  • Africa Command.
  • Central Command.
  • Cyber Command.
  • European Command.
  • Indo-Pacific Command.
  • Northern Command.
  • Southern Command.
  • Space Command.

Which leg do we use for attention?

The left leg should be used to go back to the attention position after stand at ease. How should I stand at attention? Heels together, feet pointed out at a 45 degree angle, head and eyes straight forward, both hands closed with the thumbs along the seam of your pants.

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What type of command is fall in?

4. FALL IN and DISMISSED are combined commands. Dress Right, DRESS and Ready, FRONT are two-part commands, Dress Right and Ready are the preparatory commands, DRESS and FRONT are the commands of execution.

What is the preparatory command to salute?

Present, Arms and Order, ARMS are two-part commands, Present and Order being the preparatory command, and ARMS is the command of execution. 5.

What does center face mean?

: relating to or being a crystal space lattice in which each cubic unit cell has an atom at the center and at the corners of each face — compare body-centered.

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