How To Become A Marine Corps Security Guard?

Is it hard to be a Marine security guard?

Marine Security Guard School Marine security guard is a volunteer special tour of duty within the Marine Corps, and selection standards are very high. MSG school is difficult, though, and the attrition rate exceeds 25 percent over the seven-week training course.

Is Marine security guard an MOS?

The Marine Security Guard was designated MOS 8151, though this has changed to MOS 8156. The USMC has a long history of cooperation with the U.S. State Department, going back to the early days of the country.

How do I join the Marine Corps Security Forces?

Those that seek to join the Marine Corps Security Force first enlist as infantrymen. After the completion of Infantry Training Battalion, the Marine needs to attend Naval Security Group Activity in Chesapeake, Virginia. Marines are introduced there to the principles and training of the Security Force.

How long is Marine Security Forces training?

A 33-day course designed to train and qualify Marines in the Military Occupational Specialty of 8152 (Basic Security Guard) for service within Marine Corps Security Force Regiment (MCSFR).

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How long is Marine FAST training?

After acceptance into FAST Company, they begin 5 Weeks of FAST training. From there, they go to an 8-week Close Quarter Battle School. The CQB school teaches FAST Marines how to fight in extremely close quarters.

Is it hard to become an embassy guard?

Training is intense, expensive, and tends to produce “washouts” due to high standards. Sergeants (E-5) and below enter the program as guards, while staff sergeants (E-6) and above, regardless if they’ve served embassy duty before, are trained to command an embassy guard detachment.

How much money does a marine embassy guard get paid?

The average salary for an Embassy Security Guard is $34,075 per year in United States, which is 16% lower than the average US Marine Corps salary of $41,007 per year for this job.

Can Marine security guards have tattoos?

Since in many instances they’ll be the first visible point of contact for the Marines and foreign dignitaries and others, Marines who want to serve as security guards must have no visible tattoos in while in uniform, and they have to meet Marine Corps weight and fitness standards.

What do the Marines guard?

They are primarily responsible for interior security at embassies, usually in the lobby or main entrance, according to the U.S. Marines. Guards are trained to react to terrorist acts, as well as a host of emergencies, such as fires, riots, demonstrations, and evacuations.

How many MOS are in the Marines?

Below you will find a complete Marine Corps MOS list for all 123 enlisted careers available, including a brief description of the MOS job responsibilities, and corresponding ASVAB line score.

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What does 0311 mean in the Marines?

MOS 0311 is the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for infantry rifleman. It is the primary infantry MOS for the Marine Corps.

Is USMC fast special forces?

Fleet Anti -terrorism Security Team (FAST) companies. The USMC’s FAST companies provide both the US Navy and Marine Corps with a dedicated force protection and anti-terrorist unit, and they constitute as one of the USMC Special Operations Capable Forces.

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