How To Apply For Joint Duty Marine Corps?

What is joint duty credit?

Joint Duty Assignment credit is given to Officers completing a tour of duty meeting all statutory requirements, the accumulation of joint experience credit points, or a combination of both. This credited experience, plus approved joint exercises, and/or joint course can be used to achieve 24 points.

What is a joint qualified officer?

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW — The JQS provides Active and Reserve component (AC/RC) officers an opportunity to earn joint qualifications upon completion of the requisite joint professional military education and completion of a full tour of duty in a joint assignment (via either the standard path or the experience path).

What is a joint assignment?

An assignment to a designated position in a multi-Service, joint or multinational command or activity that is involved in the integrated employment or support of the land, sea, and air forces of at least two of the three Military Departments.

What is a JQO?

An officer is nominated for designation as a Joint Qualified Officer (JQO) following completion of JPME I, JPME II and a Full Joint Tour.

What is a JDAL position?

The JDAL is the position management file of the JDAMIS that the CJCS manages. Positions are added to the JDAL to identify duties in which officers gain significant experience in joint matters. JDAL positions will not be used as an assignment incentive.

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How do I complete JPME?

Students can complete JPME Phase I by completing the three core courses (JMO, S&W, TSDM) through any of the four programs (Fleet Seminar, NWC-at-NPS, Web-Enabled, CDROM-Based) or by mixing courses completed in any of the four programs.

What is JPME phase1?

JPME is usually divided into two phases: JPME Phase I consists of those joint learning objectives identified in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP) that are required to be included in intermediate and senior level service college’s curriculum; JPME Phase II

Which reference outlines DoD policy on DoD Personnel Casualty Matters policies and procedures?

Reissues Reference (a), under a new title, under the authority of Reference (b), to assign responsibilities and establish uniform personnel policies and procedures for reporting, recording, notifying, and assisting the next of kin (NOK) whenever DoD casualties are sustained.

What did the 1986 Goldwater Nichols Act do?

It increased the ability of the chairman to direct overall strategy, but provided greater command authority to “unified” and “specified” field commanders. According to the act, the chairman may not exercise military command over the Joint Chiefs of Staff or any of the armed forces.

How do joint duty assignments work?

During the Joint Duty rotation, you are immersed into the gaining elements work and culture. You bring back to your parent organization all the new skills and contacts you’ve acquired during your assignment. Supervisors must weigh work requirements against employee and organization development needs.

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