FAQ: Will The Marine Corps Pay For Braces?

Is there a military discount for braces?

Military discounts are available, and pricing can be up to 70% less than traditional braces. Your insurance provider also may cover orthodontia, or you can use a health savings account to cover the cost of treatment.

Will the Navy pay for my braces?

The military has a program where you can get braces through the military FOR FREE! Just talk with your dentist once you finish boot camp. I believe the only requirement is that you’re not in a deployable unit (aka shore duty for us Navy folk) plus they put you on a wait list based on the severity of your teeth.

Can I deploy with braces?

You cannot be deployed if you are still in braces treatment, so you cannot be formally sworn into the military until your braces are removed. To enlist with braces on you’ll have to join the Delayed Entry Program, which allows you to begin your enlistment while you finish your treatment.

Can I go to basic training with braces?

You can’t join with braces. You are not allowed to wear braces during basic training so you would have to get them off before leaving to basic? No, you won’t go to basic until they are off.

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How much does Invisalign cost without insurance?

The cost of Invisalign without insurance is usually between $3,500 to $5,000. There are several factors that determine how much Invisalign costs without insurance, including how long your treatment will last and the number of aligners you will need throughout your treatment.

Will the Air Force pay for Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatment, including braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign, are considered an elective medical treatment. Therefore, any complications from treatment may not be covered by the military.

How much do braces cost without insurance?

The average cost for braces treatment without insurance is between $3,000 and $7,000. The monthly payment amount will depend on the type of braces, the duration of treatment, and the duration of the payment plan.

Can you get braces after boot camp?

In most cases, you can wear braces while in the military, depending on deployment and assignment. However, you cannot go to your initial training while wearing braces. Therefore, you will need to have the braces removed before you ship off to boot camp or basic training.

How long will braces take?

On average, how long do braces take to work? The average orthodontic treatment falls somewhere between 16-18 months, but can sometimes take as long as 24 months, or even more. Be wary of promises from anyone who says you can have a straight smile in only six months.

Can I get Invisalign instead of braces?

While worn, Invisalign aligners are subtle and barely noticeable, but they still provide effective treatment with predictable, long-lasting results. In fact, in certain cases Invisalign may be even more effective than braces, due to the all-around force of the aligners across the whole tooth.

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What is a good age to get braces?

Traditionally, treatment with dental braces begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby (primary) teeth, and a majority of the adult (permanent) teeth have grown in — usually between the ages of 8 and 14.

Will bad teeth disqualify you from the military?

Your dental health is very important when joining the military; you can’t have too many cavities. According to the International Classification of Disease code, any dental issue that interferes with a normal diet, or includes complex dental implant systems with complications will disqualify you from service.

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