FAQ: Is There A Marine Corps Base In Arkansas?

Where are Marines stationed in Arkansas?

The Navy, Marines Corps, and Coast Guard have no bases in AR because it lacks a coast line. Pine Bluff Arsenal is tiny and only a dozen or so military personnel are active here. Learn more about it and Little Rock AFB below.

Does Arkansas have any military bases?

Arkansas is currently home to five: the Little Rock Air Force Base, the Pine Bluff Arsenal, Camp Robinson (Camp Pike) in North Little Rock, Ebbing Air National Guard Base in Fort Smith and the Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center, also in Fort Smith.

What is the biggest military base in Arkansas?

Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas consists of more than 6,000 acres and one runway.It is located next to the city of Jacksonville in central Arkansas. Jacksonville has a population of approximately 30,000 people. It is 15 miles north of Little Rock.

Does Fort Smith Arkansas have a military base?

Fort Chaffee, Arkansas is located in the northern part of the state and serves as a training installation for Army Reserve soldiers and National Guard. The camp is located between Fort Smith, the Arkansas river and Interstate 40.

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What state has the most military bases?

California is home to more military installations than any other state, with a total of 32. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard/Reserve bases are located across California.

What is Camp Robinson?

aka: Camp Robinson. Camp Robinson in North Little Rock (Pulaski County) is home to the Arkansas National Guard and is the principal training area for the Arkansas Army National Guard. It is also used by a number of other military and civilian agencies.

What state is Fort Campbell in?

Fort Campbell lies on the Kentucky – Tennessee border between the towns of Hopkinsville Kentucky and Clarksville Tennessee. This active military base is home to the 101st Airborne Division.

How many acres is Fort Chaffee?

Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center (FCJMTC) is a 65,000 acre premier training site near Fort Smith, AR. It is utilized by all Department of Defense components and a variety of local, state, and federal agencies for maneuver training, live fire exercises, river crossing operations, and urban combat training.

What’s the name of the Air Force Base in Arkansas?

Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas consists of more than 6,000 acres and one runway. It is located in Pulaski County next to the city of Jacksonville in central Arkansas.

Where is Camp Pike?

Camp Pike, known as Camp Joseph T. Robinson since 1937, is located in present day North Little Rock, Arkansas. Named in honor of Brigadier General Zebulon M.

How many state parks are in Arkansas?

There are 52 state parks across The Natural State, so you can find one near you wherever you are.

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Is Fort Smith a military town?

Fort Smith was established as a military outpost to patrol the neighboring Indian Territory in 1817 and was named after General Thomas Smith. The fort was abandoned seven years later in 1824, but by that time a town founded by John Rogers was formed alongside the fort. The fort was re-occupied and expanded in 1838.

Can you visit Fort Chaffee?

Open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except on national holidays. Admission is FREE! For Tours and additional information, contact Rod Williamson, Museum Curator, at 479.434. 6774.

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