FAQ: Is Jfk In The United States Marine Corps Reading List?

What books are Marines required to read?

The 12 Best Books The Marine Corps Wants Its Leaders To Read

  • “The Red Badge Of Courage” by Stephen Crane.
  • “Making The Corps” by Tom Ricks.
  • “Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card.
  • “The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara.

How many books are on the commandant’s reading list?

2020 Commandant of the Marine Corps Reading List ( 33 Books ) – DODReads.

Is Legacy on the commandant’s reading list?

“Legacy: 15 Lessons in Leadership,” James Kerr. “Resilience: Hard-won Wisdom for Living a Better Life,” Eric Greitens. “Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business,” Charles Duhigg. “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” Simon Sinek.

When did the commandant’s reading list start?

The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program began as the Commandant’s Reading List in 1988, although recommended reading list have been generated for Marines since the 19th century. Each Commandant since 1988 has placed his personal stamp on the program, but many books remain constant.

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How many books should every Marine read each year from the commandant’s reading list?

Each year, Marines shall read a minimum of five books from the CPRL.

Who does Marine commandant report to?

The commandant is nominated by the president for a four-year term of office and must be confirmed by the Senate. By statute, the commandant is appointed as a four-star general while serving in office. “The Commandant is directly responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for the total performance of the Marine Corps.

Is the white donkey on the commandant’s reading list?

“The White Donkey” by Maximilian Uriarte is the first-ever graphic novel to hit the Commandant’s Reading List.

Is the Constitution on the commandant’s reading list?

The CPRL is arranged into three sections: Commandant’s Choice, Grade Levels, and Professional Categories. Commandant’s Choice books are required reading for all Marines. The Commandant’s Choice titles are First to Fight, The U.S. Constitution and Sustaining the Transformation.

What books are read at West Point?

Popular West Point Reading List Books

  • Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command in Future War S.L.A. Marshall. Want to Read.
  • Dare to Lead Brené Brown. Want to Read.
  • The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder Sean McFate. Want to Read.

What is next lieutenant?

The next higher rank is lieutenant junior grade (U.S. and British), followed by lieutenant and lieutenant commander. A U.S. Navy lieutenant is thus equal in rank to a U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps captain; a U.S. Navy ensign is equal in rank to a second lieutenant in the other services.

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Is Ender’s Game on the commandant’s reading list?

Since the creation of the Commandant’s Professional Reading List in 1988, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card book has been required reading for all Marines. At the time, the book was considered a primary tool to illustrate many of the principles of Maneuver Warfare.

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